22:19 8/11/2013

Something big is coming!

We thought that the Ranger`s universe is well known, but recently we started to receive messages about some strange objects in deep space. Here are the pictures, given to us by an eyewitness:

Unfortunately, the single spectator of this beauty gone crazy, and can paint what he saw only in such manner. Poor guy also can’t tell what the strange inscriptions means, and only laughed hysterically.

01:13 8/10/2013

Greatest news in the Universe!

We are glad to inform you, that the release date of the game is now confirmed! Rangers would be able to free (or destroy) the Galaxy on October 17th on Steam! Also, a bit later there will be a retail DVD release (but discs also require Steam activation) in Europe. Country list and exact date for retail version will be specified within a few days.
And small teaser in the end of message: when game will be available in stores, the Galaxy Rating of Rangers will be laucnhed on this site, and everyone in every place in the all known Universe can compete with another rangers in killing dominators and pirates, trade and so on!

UPD: Don’t panic! Steam release is scheduled at 12 PDT. There will be a launch discount on Steam.

21:35 2/09/2013

We have new music, too!

We continue to reveal the details of the upcoming project, and today we are pleased to give players the opportunity to hear two new tracks from the soundtrack of the game – “End of War” and “Duel”, which will be played in a special mode and during a tactical battle, respectively.

In total, “AWA” has more than 30 new themes. Lead composers are Nikinit and theo