(frequently asked questions)


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Q: Are you so out of fresh ideas that you’re going to sell the same game third time already? Isn’t there already a free expansion pack with HD-patch?
A: We’ve always wanted to work on SR franchise, and when 1C Publishing gave us the green light, we happily agreed. And no, “A War Apart” isn’t the same “Revolution” made by some of SNK-Games’ employees back in 2009.

Q: Are Elemental Games or Katauri Interactive, original developers of SR series, somehow involved?
A: No, they are not, though they’ve supported idea of the project.

Q: How about full-scale sequel? How about Space Rangers 3?
A: That’s something you should ask owner of the Space Rangers franchise – 1C Publishing company.

Q: Will the game be published for MacOS, iOS or Google Android?
A: Our top priority is release for MS Windows. We do not plan to port the game to any other platform at the moment. For those who want to play AWA on any different platform (except mobile ones) we can recommend use Wine or similar solutions.

Q: When game will be released and for what price?
A: Retail prices are TBA. Estimated release date is 2013 Q1.

Q: What’s new besides graphics and technical improvements?
A: New sideline story about space pirates, which will allow the gamer to either play as real bad guy or to feel true “undercover agent” way of game.

Q: Are you’re in posession of game’s source code, or you’re doing everything on scripts and duct tape like you already did back in ’09?
A: Yes, we have everything we need.

Q: Are features from free “Revolution” gonna be used?
A: As an examples or idead at best. We prefer to do everything from scratch this time.

Q: Are there will be new quests, ship hulls, weapons and equipment?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: We’d really like to see cooperative play or network mode this time!
A: Because of very special way of SR gameplay, this is impossible to implement inside of the SR2 box. Next time – maybe.

Q: And no online game either?
A: Sorry.

Q: Can we at least suggest few ideas for gameplay?
A: Of course you can, but please note that we’re limited in matters of money and time, thus we will be unable to make everything you will request.

Q: Hundreds of asteroids flying in space, I can’t playing!
A: Everything is all right, you just playnig in “pirate” version. And that’s not mean pirate company, that’s mean unlicensed copy of the game. Also, hot stars and very fast planets is game protection too.

Q: In trainig misson trainig asteroid flew away, what was it?
A: This is cool feature of living world. Just look at the messages panel.

Q: Can I send gamerecord to Galactic Rangers Rating?
A: Yes, if you don’t use cheats, mods and unlicensed game.

Q: I bought a licence version, but hundreds of asteroids are still in space.
A: You must start new game, saves on unlicenced copy are unrecoverable corrupted.