22:19 8/11/2013

Something big is coming!

We thought that the Ranger`s universe is well known, but recently we started to receive messages about some strange objects in deep space. Here are the pictures, given to us by an eyewitness:

Unfortunately, the single spectator of this beauty gone crazy, and can paint what he saw only in such manner. Poor guy also can’t tell what the strange inscriptions means, and only laughed hysterically.

  1. Ded says:

    Ooooh, I saw it on the russian version of the site, if it apears here, that means it’s coming soon 😀 nice art by the way.

  2. Mike21Daisu says:

    O_O If this is what I think… then I have no words for it, if not, it’s another thing which I don’t know, which is also really cool. Can’t wait.

  3. Facyber says:

    Is that new ships, dominators, new race whaaaat? 😀

  4. FilthHound says:

    Whatever it is, I want it now! 🙂 Good to se some updates are probably coming.

  5. Rasec says:

    Im buying SRHD now… if this is a SR3 or a new expansion pack that i have to buy again, im planting a bomb on your HQs.

  6. Jeffer says:

    Developers told that all new content will be free

  7. Barney Stinson says:

    Well, I’m positively titillated. I’m still thinking how awesome some of the new stuff already released is. Now MORE stuff, and it’s a secret bombshell?


  8. SmmLahamu says:

    Wow, looks cool! Made me interested!

  9. xippon says:

    On sale on GMG SpaceRangers HD is for 14$ 🙂

  10. worm says:

    so what was this big news anyway? Bertor and Kligs?

  11. Facyber says:

    So in the end what is this big update? 🙂

  12. Silver347 says:

    i really loved space rangers from the beggining it was amazing experience i wish you can keep updating this game a lot or even SR4

  13. Silver347 says:

    Is that a new race coming

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