01:13 8/10/2013

Greatest news in the Universe!

We are glad to inform you, that the release date of the game is now confirmed! Rangers would be able to free (or destroy) the Galaxy on October 17th on Steam! Also, a bit later there will be a retail DVD release (but discs also require Steam activation) in Europe. Country list and exact date for retail version will be specified within a few days.
And small teaser in the end of message: when game will be available in stores, the Galaxy Rating of Rangers will be laucnhed on this site, and everyone in every place in the all known Universe can compete with another rangers in killing dominators and pirates, trade and so on!

UPD: Don’t panic! Steam release is scheduled at 12 PDT. There will be a launch discount on Steam.

  1. Barney Stinson says:

    It fell within my guess range. Aww yeah. Also, YESSSSS. 10 days until I can dominate some dominators.

  2. allan says:

    great news indeed! i’ve been refreshing this page everyday for the past week!

  3. tryan says:

    This is great news! It doesn’t seem to be available for pre-order yet though but I would assume that’s coming soon. Any chance for a full changelog from the original reboot?

  4. Hunter Gamma says:

    Yes! Thank you!
    That news made my day!
    It’s been a while since I got my fix and wanted to wait the HD reboot.to be released.

  5. Pheace says:

    At last!! 😀

  6. Mike21Daisu says:

    No sh*t o_O it’s gonna be ready for download in 9-10 days!
    I’m gonna download it first 😀

  7. Ded says:

    Awww yeah, finally. Is there any info on the price? My computer almost crashed when i read it xD explorer.exe has stopped working ;_;

  8. Technologist says:

    BEST NEWS EVAR! Oh my Creator.. you people donny know how frequently I was refreshing this page looking for news.. At last! I can finaly find some peace, next week folks, and some days after, we’ll all be Brothers and Sisters in the Ranger Corps, for good or for ill, nice knowing y’all 😛

  9. Lord Shank says:

    Woohoo! I hope it sells well to warrant space rangers 3

  10. xippon says:

    At last – good time to play on cold winter days 🙂 Regards from Poland.

  11. OverWind says:

    Great news. Will be really nice 😀

  12. darkmoon says:

    I need game download

  13. Moonsteell says:

    let me address this game download

  14. Hanasra says:

    It’s happening! Come on, give to me already! My body need this!

  15. visitor says:

    Will Space Rangers be available on GOG or Humble Store? If it’s Steam only then it’s no buy for me.

  16. Yasin says:

    Hey guys… Dats really a very very good news… I just want to confirm that… is it for sure going to release on oct 17th??? And what is the price of game in steam???

  17. Alex says:

    Will it be downloadable with australian steam account?

  18. Phukusz says:

    Awesome news!!!

  19. google.com Mikhail Belov says:

    >Will Space Rangers be available on GOG or Humble Store? If >it’s Steam only then it’s no buy for me.

    Steam only

    >Will it be downloadable with australian steam account?

    Should be, its a worldwide release.

  20. koei says:

    still could not see the game in Steam, so no pre-order in steam ? usually games will be advertised in steam at least a week (or even months) before the launch date but none for this SRHD.

  21. Валера says:

    This is specific, russian release, no pre-order, no plan, no profit.

  22. Rizno says:

    Any price guidelines? I live in the UK and own SR2: Reboot on Steam, will there be any discount due to this?

  23. Angelo says:

    Space Rangers 2: Reboot is no longer on STEAM, I guess it means the HD version will replace it. But so far, only the russian version appears…

  24. Pheace says:

    There’s been a ton of games getting released in the last 2 weeks that weren’t even on the coming soon list, I guess this will be one of them.

  25. koei says:

    17th Oct.

  26. paragon5 says:

    I’m from czech republic and i love space rangers 1,2 and hd

  27. Josh says:

    I have the same question as Rizno. Will Steam owners of SR2: Reboot get a discount for the HD release? Has pricing been determined yet? Can’t wait for this 🙂

  28. Ok. I know it’s coming out in a few hours time on the 17th but does anyone know what time?

  29. Angelo says:

    Usually STEAM releases at 6pm GMT.

  30. They aren’t specifying an exact time so that means it must be available 1.41 hours ago…. only it isn’t. Come on Steam. Wake up there. Give us info.

  31. okos says:

    it’s oct 17. Where is the game???
    This is the best thing ever, I can hardly wait!

  32. OverWind says:

    So… If we buy on Gamersgate, it will be added to steam as well? Anyone tried it?

  33. Angelo says:

    What part of “6pm GMT” didn’t you understand?

  34. paragon5 says:

    please do not torture me with waiting!!

  35. Angelo says:

    And yes, if you buy at GamersGate or GMG (http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/pt/en/pc/games/rpgs/space-rangers-hd-war-apart/), you’ll get a serial key to input on STEAM.

  36. OverWind says:

    Okay, I tried it – If you buy it on gamersgate, then you will get a steam activation code and can download and install and play it right away. – So for the impatient, just buy it there, and you’re ready to go 😀

  37. filip says:

    I bought it on gamersgate and, its already downloading. =) can’t wait

  38. CGkim says:

    I’m going to be a space ranger when I grow up

  39. Rizno says:

    To the guys getting it on GamersGate; you may be missing out on a Steam release sale or even a bigger discount if you already owned Reboot on Steam.

  40. Ded says:

    What’s up with not avaible in your region steam info? Well I’ll just pira… I mean buy it on Gamerstate. This game deserves to be bought.

  41. google.com Mikhail Belov says:

    >What’s up with not avaible in your region steam info? Well I’ll >just pira… I mean buy it on Gamerstate. This game deserves >to be bought.

    We already told you, that Steam will make it avaible at 12 PDT.

  42. Ded says:

    Ahhh ok, just that “not avaible in your region” was kinda scary. I’ve already made a deal with someone to buy it for me for tf2 items, so that wouldn’t be a problem though. It just happened to me once, polish release of some game was delayed because of… don’t really know why but it was released some weeks after everyone else got it, was afraid that this is the same case.

  43. ragingRanger says:

    gamersgate allowed me to buy the game, get a steam key, and i’m installing what appears to be an english language version of Space Rangers HD.


  44. Ann says:

    Steam still not add page of english version of SR.

  45. Martin says:

    First post says 12 PDT


    it’s 4 hours from now

  46. Manzaad says:

    awesome!!!! instant buy 🙂

  47. paragon5 says:

    will a war apart in czech republic?

  48. thjun says:

    Bei der Verarbeitung Ihrer Anfrage ist ein Fehler aufgetreten:

    Dieses Produkt steht in Ihrem Land derzeit nicht zur Verfügung.

  49. bavariankid says:

    Purchased key for english version over greenman gaming – however, downloaded game from steam contains only russian language files; cannot change language over steam/game properties (sigh)

  50. bavariankid says:

    Game files are updated – can confirm that english language is now available ingame

  51. thjun says:

    Where ingame ?

  52. google.com dv1mA . says:

    I alredy have space rangers hd , i only need english patch or file to play on english version !

  53. justin says:

    its after 1800 GMT, and Steam still says “not available in your region”. Im in the US. What do I do?

  54. bavariankid says:

    @thjun inside steam, games library: right click on game title, select “properties”, change language to english under tab “language”

    @justin simply buy over e.g. greenman link, you will receive game activation code. Start steam, click “add game”, paste activation code … and game will appear in steam games library. Download, install, play 🙂

  55. nl says:

    7 MINUTES TO LAUNCH!!! (I hope!)

  56. Toxit says:

    still ı cant see on steam :((

  57. Toxit says:

    Thursday, 17 October 2013, 12:08:23 PDT plz release :(( i am tired to wait 🙁

  58. nl says:


  59. Manzaad says:

    still not on steam? from the netherlands.

  60. ragingRanger says:

    i bought on gamersgate @ 5 hrs ago, which provided steam key…i then was able to download the full english game

  61. DM says:

    I’d prefer to buy this through Steam for the launch day discount, but it’s still not available there.

  62. Changry says:

    So, is this not hitting the steam storefront today? Was this just the release of the english translation for the markets that already have access to the russian version?

  63. ARGGG it’s on Steam! However, it doesn’t appear in the new releases nor the front page. This is because the game has been available in Russian for quite some time and it’s an update to the game to bring it to the English market place.

    Do a search in the store for Space Rangers and you’ll find it!!!

  64. question says:

    Why does it say 14.99 after you search for it and when you go on to the game page it is 19.99?

  65. Done says:

    It works now. Just search for space rangers. Mostly all regions have it. I know Europe does.

  66. Mike21Daisu says:

    Yay! It’s in Georgia! O_O finally

  67. eks says:

    WOOHOO! It’s downloading now!

  68. paragon5 says:

    at last a war apart its on the steam im live in the czech republic (middle europe)

  69. kangdonghun says:

    now! downloading! seoul, korea!!

  70. kangdonghun says:

    Only Russian language!!?? i can’t read!

    how to exchange english language?

  71. Hues says:

    Open your games library -> right click on the game -> options (bottom line) -> language -> select English.

  72. Ded says:

    Oh man, I was really scared that another game that I’ve been waiting for will turn out to be awful. Not in this case, another great SR game, thanks guys. The difference between HD and the original is similar to the one between m&b and m&b: warband (that means it’s great if you haven’t played it). It would be great if some letsplayer did a video about srhd, maybe then You would get enough money to make SR3… If not, we’ll just blow up the plane that one of You will be onboard, worked for Mystic Rangers 3, the game was ready in 15 days, or even quicker but that was the time I needed to come back at planet that gave me this mission.

  73. Ded says:

    Lol, I found a secret message xD nice easter egg, though it was a little bit hard to get the letters.

  74. yasin says:

    guys.. will this game works on dell xps 14…i5

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