21:35 2/09/2013

We have new music, too!

We continue to reveal the details of the upcoming project, and today we are pleased to give players the opportunity to hear two new tracks from the soundtrack of the game – “End of War” and “Duel”, which will be played in a special mode and during a tactical battle, respectively.

In total, “AWA” has more than 30 new themes. Lead composers are Nikinit and theo

  1. Mike21Daisu says:

    Good to hear some new tracks 🙂

  2. SN says:

    Very nice tracks. Is it possible to get the full new soundtrack somehow?

  3. LaMe says:

    It’s great! ‎I am listening to it since 21. ‎April 2013! 🙂 When i was looking for the game, but surprisingly did not find it. 😀

  4. Ded says:

    Thanks…. my god, link from thepiratebay posted by admin looks kinda weird xD Can’t wait to play srhd, I started a new game recently in reboot to get my temper back. Just beaten terron 1 on 1… Rock is like really op but pelengs hate me for shooting pirates to get it ;_;

  5. Barney Stinson says:

    One of the first things I noticed when I first started playing SR2 was how enjoyable the various music tracks were to listen to. I particularly enjoy the guitar in the Faeyan planet screen music. It manages to be happy, sad and relaxing at the same time.

    More music can only be a good thing.

  6. Barney Stinson says:

    Heh Ded. I always liked the pirate hull the best because I loves muh missile bonus damage. But maybe I’m weird, but I always feel kinda bad killing all those civilian ships to get it. When the new version comes out I’m going to go after the Rock hull because of all the new pirate action I’ll be getting into.

  7. tranclucatorPL says:

    As for me the rock hull is too overpowered – with armor 32 (with panzer module) and 74% shields (50%+13%+6%+5%) upgraded duplex droid/dianode 100+20 the game is no challenge IMHO;
    I always chose killer/bolid; because they’re not so tanky.
    @Ded If Terron had two or even one electronic cutter he would surely beat you 1 on 1 😀

  8. tranclucatorPL says:

    And I forgot to say, the new music is very nice 😀 some new tracks are just awesome

  9. Ded says:

    I had range upgraded weapons with farmoons still left from having a rapid housing, I don’t think he has a cutter though…. It wouldn’t be a problem 😛 But I just took a look at screens and saw weapon modified to disable drones etc… if enemies will have that too I’m screwed D: Also on this playtrough i got rock pretty quick (luckiest run ever, first black hole drop: hypergenerator and 23 weight, 41 fuel tank xD) and didn’t had much good equipment and experience… and I ended up running away from a dominator fleet with 290 speed, everything broken and message spam “Good news, nanitoids fixed that!” and “Oh, no that is broken” I really like pirate themes + that destroyed background, something like “What have you done?!”

  10. tranclucatorPL says:

    I know this pain well – running away from dominators with 250 speed and fuckin’ shtips with rethons and disintegrators firing at you constantly; ehh its awful. There’s a solution for it though- it costs a bit but can save your ranger’s ass 😀 save before black hole, beat aliens inside and go out – check the system – which faction occupies it, reload save and turn camouflage module on and jump to wormhole again xD Electronic cutter is such a pain in the butt when figthing with smersh type – almost every ship has at least one (I bet this weapon will be even worse with new “attack modes” 🙁 ); Terron does not have any – he would kick butts if he had one I think, as far as I know he has ihmo9000, multi resonator, rocket launcher, torpedoe launcher and something else (turbograv I think but not sure). And nanitoids – who could not love them – well propably the best artifact after tranclucators – you pay almost nothing for repairs. Its awesome in late game when repairs cost you >200 000 credits. Maybe artfacts will have new “modes” too..
    I personally enjoyed most feyian and human pirate planet themes; the rest is nice too; Nikinit has done a good job 😀

  11. Where can I purchase the us-en version of spacerangershd?
    I don’t see the link in buy section.

  12. Ded says:

    It’s not finished, they’re “adding last polish” I thing it’ll be released very soon (Q4 I suppose)…. I hope so D:

  13. tranclucatorPL says:

    I checked their russian page at vk.com and I think the relase will be in October, I don’t know if it’s true or not…. we have to wait more…

  14. redhunter says:

    Can’t wait to play SR again 🙂 I have just one question… It’s one thing that I didn’t like in reboot – player only equipment/hulls. It would be great if AI had acces to the same items/eq as the player.

  15. admin says:


    One of the screenshots shown that ability of AI ships.


  16. tranclucatorPL says:

    I’ve got a small question if you have mentioned it admin – will AI be able to use artifacts too? I mean artifacts that weren’t given AI by player – will they have their own artifacts? It would be awesome for example in tougher AI ships like some equentors or pirates ;D

  17. redhunter says:

    Admin – you just reminded me… it was already like that in Reboot. Ai used that reboot equipment with bonuses already. But what about special hulls? There were lots special hulls (with bonuses i.e. to energy weapons) in shops but AI didn’t use them at all. They were limited to standard hulls from basic Space Rangers 2. None of Reboot new hulls were used by the AI and it was… not fair ;p It was such a waste… so many great hulls and only 1 man in the galaxy to use them… it was not fitting SR style wery well.

  18. admin says:

    No, in Reboot AI can’t use unique equipment. In SRHD they can.

    About hulls. Not more, but some ships can use unique hulls, rangers-girls, for example.



    No, AI still can’t get artefacts not from player.

    Btw, now AI can use forsage.

  19. redhunter says:

    Admin – I’m not talking about uniqe hulls (like superhulls build be research station). I’m atalking about hulls available in all planetary EQ shops. They were definitely not unique and there were too many hulls_with_ bonuses (I’m talking abou all hulls introduced in Reboot expansion) to be restricted as player only item. Ai rangers deserve the same hulls as the player ;p Equality of rights 😉

  20. admin says:

    Unique hulls in last my post is all non-standard hulls, not just the superhulls.

    Yes, AI deserve that hulls, but that can be difficult to player find out what the ship is that, if he just see to the model of the spacecraft. Therefore artificial rangers don’t use this models of spaceships.

  21. redhunter says:

    Fair enough 🙂

    That was one better thing about basic SR2 vs SR2:R – it was more fair when player and AI have used the same hulls.

    Anyway I bet it will be great fun to play SRHD.

    Thanks for the answers 🙂

  22. tranclucatorPL says:


    I think you shouldn’t worry about equality in power between player and AI; they do deserve these “special” hulls, but with so many new weapons introduced (I mean new variations) I think the AI won’t be that weak anymore; I’m so curious about new vertix imho torpedoe variations though 😀

    It’s a pity…. it would made unique items like artifacts common after all… I always wanted to see AI ships being like carriers –
    launching in combat their own robots like tranclucators 😀 that would be so much fun in game; or equentors launching shtips into battle and repairing damaged ones…. similar feature was in Star Wolves though (in my opinion these games crossed would give best space game ever 😀 ); Well I know these things are not possible because it would change game mechanics too much,its just me wondering 😀 But thanks for reply Admin 🙂 I’m looking forward into news about progress and final release

  23. redhunter says:


    These new weapons will be available also for the player so…

    It’s not only about equality. I’m a space ranger like many others, not “neo_the_one” universe savior. It just feels wrong to have acces to better equipment than my comrades.
    But there is one simple thing I can do about it – I just won’t use that special equipment. Problem solved 😉
    Will probably reconsider if there is more challange than in Reboot (epsecially later in the game) ;p

  24. tranclucatorPL says:

    About the weapons – that’s true and I agree with you – new weapons will make AI a bit more powerful but player will always find a way to be the number 1….or not; but in late game player won’t get that many red micromodules as AI (rangers,pirates,battleships) – for example Zzenia or Screwer or a very rare Universum. I won’t buy these “special hulls” either -In reboot/original I liked flying without a droid or a protection generator 😀 its a greater fun and challenge in game. (And I like paleng and maloq pirate ships so much)
    Well, we’ll see where is greater challenge pretty soon I think

  25. Heresiarch says:

    Sorry but I don’t really get the answers above :P. So, does the AI in SRHD use those hulls introduced in Reboot, which are sold on the planet, which are NOT used by the AI at all? Or not? I know this is something we’ll see once played the game for a few game months or years but I can’t wait to know the answer. 😛

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the game…

  26. floSa says:

    The hulls from reboot are getting used BUT only from special npc’s like rangers normal pirates, merchants etc wont use them 😉

  27. redhunter says:

    floSa – No they won’t.

    admin said:
    “Therefore artificial rangers don’t use this models of spaceships.”

    Sooo… noone can use these hulls but player.

  28. Ded says:

    admin also said:
    “About hulls. Not more, but some ships can use unique hulls, rangers-girls, for example.” Ladies will be using special hulls, I’ve seen one in screenshots, they’re called “Special Agents”

  29. tranclucatorPL says:

    I watched these screenshots from last weeks with great detail, and I must say that only new faction – pirates will have new ships (pirate ladies have unique ships and common pirates (for example humans) have slightly modified pirate ships) – besides that everything related to hulls will stay the same – maybe I’m wrong; but Admin’s statement can’t be false, so I think you’ve got the answer

  30. TheSAguy says:

    Any update??
    Can’t wait much longer….

  31. OverWind says:

    Yes please, any news would be welcome. I’m ready with my credit card! Day one purchase 😀

  32. Admin says:

    Well, apparently, release will be in middle of october, but this is not confirmed yet by publisher.

  33. Hanasra says:

    I’m seriously want to throw my money for this.

  34. eks says:

    Middle of October, just in time for my birthday! Can’t wait.

  35. Technologist says:

    I have the money right here, c’mon! I love this game, I have Space Rangers 1, 2 and I need HD! fans from S.A Brazil.

  36. Technologist says:

    I hope now, that when we hack “Blazer” they become player-controlled faction :3

  37. Like Liền says:

    So when the SRHD is done, how about “Space Ranger Online”? That so amazing thought I can’t stop thinking

  38. Ded says:

    You know, if they’ll sell like 5000000 copies, they’ll probably say something like “ohhhh shit” and start making tons of games but today not anyone is sure if eng hd will bring any profit. It would be perfect if a famous youtuber made a lets play of srhd, a lot of games that weren’t famous became something that everyone has played, slender for instance. The downside would be probably that forums would be endlessly spammed with topic like “when sr3 will be made” but I dont think that developers would really care.

  39. Technologist says:

    They will sell and profit from the quota, which is I don’t get it they won’t tell us a definitive release date, they should just release it and then, if needed patch the game as it go, this game is exciting. I donny care if people flood the forums asking for SR3, I think I might like it if they would, give these russians their deserved praise, this game is awesome without comparing, I love it, I want it. I’m eager to see what they created anew this latest version.

  40. WuschigTed says:

    Are there any news now???

  41. Barney Stinson says:

    They said October. I’d have to guess it’ll be released between like the 15th and the 22nd. No idea why, it just feels like that. And since my b-day is the 24th, woohoo good present for me!!

  42. google.com dv1mA . says:

    I still w8 for english release the said it will be out in Q4 i hope that it will be out in October … can’t wait to play this game is awesome :DDD

  43. Pheace says:

    What’s taking so freaking long! :p

    Every day I stalk the Coming Soon section on Steam hoping this game will be in it 🙂

  44. Technologist says:

    Hug me Pheace, I know your pain D’;

    I do too stalk steam, here.. anywhere possibly..

  45. exib says:

    Soundtrack is great. It would be great to have lyrics to “To the Edge and Beyound”.

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