21:13 15/08/2013

Work in progress

Given how long a translation took, lately we felt somewhat of guilt. Yes, exactly.

But fortunately, the work is almost done — we’re shipping  beta-version of English version of the game to our beta-testers and reviewers next week, so we thought – why don’t we show you guys a little bit of what we got in the end?




Full versions of screenshots are available on-click. Be careful, they are really big!

  1. Sincida says:

    ru_maniac’s gangsta status confirmed.

    One thing I noticed is how some of the planet and systems’ names are spelt differently from the original Space Rangers 2’s translation. They’re still pronounced the same, though. Think Phaavy>Faavi, Eyron>Euron, Atriya>Atria. I find it pretty nice because of how it gives the galaxy map a nostalgic flavour. The “new” names seem more similar to those of Space Rangers 1.

    It’s always the small details that are the most amusing!

  2. facebook.com Yakov Uvarov says:

    Well yeah, we’d like to think that it’s the best translation of any SR game so far. I spoke personally with translator’s team leader, and he seemed to be a very nice guy who loves what he do, but more importantly – a professional.

    Anyway, it’s up to our users yet to decide, whether we succeeded this time or failed like never before 🙂 I guess we’ll know soon enough.

  3. NobleHelium says:

    Well uh, there’s one untranslated dialog option in the first screenshot…

  4. Richard III says:

    Woo! Shipping beta version next week. How long will the beta test last I wonder?

  5. amnesiak says:

    “NobleHelium says:”
    “Well uh, there’s one untranslated dialog option in the first screenshot…”

    lol, true, I hope they take the time and translate all

    I also find previous translations in SR2 to be pretty good

  6. Barney Stinson says:

    Thanks for the screen shots and update admin!

    It appears my patience will pay off big-time when this gets released.

    And the possibility to edit in-game stuff?? Can you say mod community?? Very exciting!

  7. xippon says:

    Thank you for information! It mean a lot. Waiting…

  8. Mike21Daisu says:

    Yeah! Just right when I get the money, well done. I know how annoying it is to translate all the stuff one after another.

  9. tranclucatorPL says:

    Thans for the good news. Can’t wait to buy and play this game. By the way, I have two questions to you admin – I hope you can answer them – first – SR2 was relaeased in 2006 and later it was released in polish version by Cenega- will SR HD be translated too? I’m okay with english version, but want to know. And second – (out of pure curiosity 🙂 ) in first screenshot in the star map there is a system “Al Dagor” in “Narobi” sector – why the font is white? [As far as I know there in no race with that color, even Dominators are gray.] Keep up with good work 🙂 SR fan from Poland

  10. tranclucatorPL says:


  11. Mike21Daisu says:

    I can answer your second question tranclucatorPL. White systems are taken by pirates and there are many of those systems on the map, on this new expansion there are pirates which are like Dominators basically and they have their own planets, they attack us and they attack Dominators themselves, but… if you don’t like them (like me) you can disable that as I remember and play without those pirates.

  12. Jeffer says:

    White is pirate controlled sector

  13. Rizno says:

    Can’t wait! I’m a big fan of the original + Reboot.

  14. tranclucatorPL says:

    Now it makes sense, thanks for answers Mike21Daisu and Jeffer, I already knew about pirates questline and planets under their rule; didn’t expect them to have whole systems though

  15. twitter.com Mikhail Belov says:

    There is no other translations in progress, rather than english.

    >if you don’t like them (like me) you can disable that as I >remember and play without those pirates.

    No, you can`t disable pirates, but you can wipe them out during the story line. Or wipe out the Coalition – freedom is always a main idea of SR.

  16. Pheace says:

    Finally, the time is almost upon us, Rejoice!

  17. Maxim says:

    This amazing game is going to show itself to the world! Really good news! 🙂

    I’d consider renaming “fragmentation” weapon type to “splinter” since those kind of weapons do not “fragmentate” enemy’s hull but rather damage it with “splinters”.

    By the way, nice planets’ and systems’ names, it’s better than one-might-expect simple transliteration. Also, “So long” is a perfect choice for dialogue farewell.

    As a side note, see if I can join beta-test team (: I own SRHD only in Russian at the moment.

  18. Avazy says:

    Iam can you help with translate from ENG to czech & slovak ( FREE !!! )

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