03:15 27/08/2016

Space Rangers Quest breaking into AppStore!

In the dark of the night, when only flickering dots of stars light our pathways, on the sky appearing a new one. Even our grand ancestors knew, that extraordinary event like this means something great. And they’re definitely knew, what they talked about! In our case this new born star is Space Rangers Quest, which already available on the AppStore! And just now, at this moment, you can download this piece of good known Space Rangers universe into your portable device.

You can do it, using following link:




21:16 24/08/2016

Space Rangers Quest

Hello, space stranger! It’s time to reveal info about something new from Space Rangers universe. So this is why today 1C Company and SNK-Games  presents a new game from Space Rangers saga: Space Rangers: Quest! In the new adventure, which will be released on iOS in August, 27 and on Android and Steam – in September, 5, you will dive into old known vivid world and once again – brave Ranger will save intelligent life and set back whole course of history. In the brand new story player meet old, but still good text adventures, battles, freedom of will and with other beloved stuff from Space Rangers series. So for now, put on your 46D googles for virtual reality, and check out announcement trailer!