16:28 7/10/2014

Hello from Rachekhan | Patch #30


So, bro, you’re still waiting for the news, aren’t you? I am plumb certain that you if will not discover anything special soon, this may be your last day. But don’t be scared, here is the moment of truth! Many long months of pirate brotherhood hard work wasn’t vain, and finally our best blinds… I mean, minds, rolled out regular patch! True surprise is set for the best fellas only – this is Dominions, new type of our brotherhood space stations. You can read the details of our patch at Steam forums.

23:21 14/04/2014

Scandals and shenanigans from pelengs!


Dear space pilots and newbies! Today, at this sunny, or maybe rainy day (it’s a very strange climate at your planets in the Solar system)… Oh, what did I say? Today, after some big-small timeout, sly developers launched new patch! And not just a simple fix, but mega-patch, adding 21 new achievements, built-in Steam Leaderboard support and even 50% off to the game price! But this is until April, 21 only. I mean off, not the patch, you understand me? Patch will be with you forever!
So, grab your friends and try it, while it`s cheap!

22:19 8/11/2013

Something big is coming!


We thought that the Ranger`s universe is well known, but recently we started to receive messages about some strange objects in deep space. Here are the pictures, given to us by an eyewitness:

Unfortunately, the single spectator of this beauty gone crazy, and can paint what he saw only in such manner. Poor guy also can’t tell what the strange inscriptions means, and only laughed hysterically.